ACTi has been helping factory owners create a fully automated management. Real-time updates on the overall health of the facilities, visualized information of the operational processes, and factory incident detection can maximize the efficiency of operations and productions.

Through the years, factory owners have sought to create a fully automated production line. New machines are continually being incorporated into the production process, moving this dream ever closer towards becoming reality. One step in reaching this goal is to enable this assortment of machines to intelligently communicate information with one another.

ACTi's video based solution is the next leap forward. Our sophisticated video based system can integrate with a wide variety of devices and provide you with real time updates on the overall health of your facility. Experience the future today with ACTi's integrated security and operations management solutions.

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Business Intelligence
Operation Management
Security Management

Access Control

High-accuracy face identification can be used for an additional layer of security to the ID card. Upon identity mismatch, the system denies access and sends a video notification.

Access Notification to VMS

Be notified about access control events on the screen of the video management system for convenient reference purposes.

Alarm Verification

Verify the alarms instantly using video evidence to avoid wrong and costly decisions.

Blacklisted Vehicle Detection

Detect the blacklisted vehicle by ALPR technology and automatically take actions.

Crime Reporting with Evidence

Collect and provide evidence of the crimes to the law enforcement or insurance company.

Digital Signage

Show predefined digital content on the public monitors with customized layout, based on predefined schedule or event rules.

Identity Fraud Investigation

Verify the suspicious use of access credentials by using the video management system.

Important Evidence Protection

Ensure the protection of important video evidence by applying redundancy systems.

Incident Management

Manage all customer, visitor, employee and equipment related incidents with automated detection and handling.

Intercom Service

Interact with other individuals by local voice-based communication system.

Large Facility Monitoring

Monitor a large facility using a video management system with hundreds of video channels.

Large Perimeter Surveillance

Detect any intrusion in the large perimeter area.

Lost Item Search

Search for the lost items in claimed place and time using video surveillance system.

Obstruction Detection

Alert when an object, such as shopping cart, is blocking the path for vehicles or people.

On-the-Go Surveillance

Monitor the views from surveillance cameras using a mobile device while walking around the premises, in order to respond to incidents instantly.

Real-time Suspect Tracking

Track the suspect seamlessly by switching between video channels using transparent video overlay buttons in video management system.

Safety Assurance

Ensure safety of people using video surveillance system.

Slip, Trip & Fall Detection

Detect slipping, tripping or falling people and provide timely assistance using video-based slip, trip and fall detection technology.

Surveillance System Tampering Detection

Detect any attempts to tamper with surveillance system equipment and alert instantly.

Suspect Post Search

Find the suspect automatically from the video recordings using face recognition technology.

Tailing Detection

Detect tailing at the entrance of restricted area by comparing the detected heat count with number of presented access credentials.

Unauthorized Access Detection

Detect the intrusion attempts using video analytics and notify the security personnel.

Video Evidence Push to NVR by Mobile Phone

Use the built-in camera of the mobile phone to stream the video evidence of the incident to NVR.

Parking Lot Access Control for Permitted Vehicles

Manage the non-payment parking lot access to ensure that only approved vehicles could park there by using the ALPR based gate control.

Attendance Management

ACTi's Attendance Management Solution Package is a convenient solution for keeping track of the arrival and leaving of the employees.


Factory Solution Brochure

Factory Solution Brochure introduces how ACTi end-to-end solutions provide you with real-time updates on the overall health of your facility as well as secure people and goods.


Interactive Demos

ACTi Parking Lot Management System

Combines data from multiple license plate recognition servers and enables blacklists and whitelist license plates notifications. Advanced search functionalities and graphic reports with exporting options.