ACTi's end-to-end solutions are designed for maximizing customer loyalty, working efficiency and security of your restaurant. The solutions consist of elegant cameras, in-house developed video analytics, and the integration of access control, alarm, POS, and digital signage systems.

ACTi offers an end-to-end IP video surveillance solution for three different scopes of restaurant:

  1. Single restaurant without security personnel
  2. Single restaurant with security personnel
  3. Chain restaurants

Restaurants offer customers not only food but relaxing places for family reunion or friend gathering. Thus, security management will be important here to ensure the safety of both people and asset.

The major security management related challenges include theft, conflicts, and other kinds of criminal activities. The business management related challenges include customer flow, sweethearting, and employee efficiency.

To create a safer and more efficient environment, ACTi's end-to-end restaurant surveillance solution consists of IP cameras, video management system, video analytics, access control, alarm system, queue management, car search assistance, free spot assistance, malfunction monitoring and much more.

All Management Types
Business Intelligence
Operation Management
Security Management

Attendance Management

ACTi's Attendance Management Solution Package is a convenient solution for keeping track of the arrival and leaving of the employees.

Digital Signage Attractiveness Analysis

Evaluate the attractiveness of digital signage by analyzing the audience faces watching it.

Digital Signage

Show predefined digital content on the public monitors with customized layout, based on predefined schedule or event rules.

VIP Identification for Instant Services

Get notified about the arrival of a VIP customer or visitor so that the best possible service could be provided instantly.

Intercom Service

Interact with other individuals by local voice-based communication system.

Lost Item Search

Search for the lost items in claimed place and time using video surveillance system.

Access Control

High-accuracy face identification can be used for an additional layer of security to the ID card. Upon identity mismatch, the system denies access and sends a video notification.

Attention List

Automatically detect the person who is listed in attention database so that the employees could pay extra attention to that person.

Blacklisted Vehicle Detection

Detect the blacklisted vehicle by ALPR technology and automatically take actions.

Unauthorized Access Detection

Detect the intrusion attempts using video analytics and notify the security personnel.

Surveillance System Tampering Detection

Detect any attempts to tamper with surveillance system equipment and alert instantly.

Alarm Verification

Verify the alarms instantly using video evidence to avoid wrong and costly decisions.

Safety Assurance

Ensure safety of people using video surveillance system.

Crime Reporting with Evidence

Collect and provide evidence of the crimes to the law enforcement or insurance company.

Video Evidence Push to NVR by Mobile Phone

Use the built-in camera of the mobile phone to stream the video evidence of the incident to NVR.

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