Wide range of add-ons: mounts, lenses, dome covers, enclosures, storage, PoE devices, controllers and more.

ACTi provides a wide range of accessories for quick and safe installation of cameras and other network devices as well as valuable add-ons for their adjustment to your requirements.

You can also use variety of online tools that will help you find suitable accessories and validate their compatibility.

Mounting Accessories

Install your cameras quickly and securely on walls, ceilings, horizontal and vertical poles or corners by using ACTi mounting accessories. Housings and covers protect the cameras against damage caused by harsh environment or vandalism.

ACTi also offers variety of 19" and 26" sliding rails for easy NVR rack mounting.

Camera Mounts Camera Housings Dome Covers Rack Mounts

Network and storage peripherals

Certified hard disks deliver high performance and are fully compatible with selected NVR. Use Hard Disk Selector to validate the compatibility of your NVR and hard disks.

ACTi also provides high capacity storage devices that extend the recording capacity of NVR and allow you to store more video footage.

Power over Ethernet (PoE) data switches can power IP cameras as well as other network devices, such as, encoders or media display stations.

HDD for data storage Extended storage devices PoE data switches

Power Supply Accessories

You can power your network devices via Ethernet cable even when your data switch doesn't feature Power over Ethernet (PoE) standard. Use PoE or High PoE injectors to deliver stable power to all your cameras, encoders and other devices.

Power adapters deliver power to devices directly from the electrical grid.

PoE Injectors Power Adapters


You can choose from variety of fixed focal and vari-focal lenses the right model that meets your project's specific requirements. Selected models feature a CS mount for the easiest mounting.


Other Accessories

Adjust the viewing angle and focus with ease. Camera installation kit is a handheld device that facilitates the installation of cameras by directly connecting to them and displaying their image on internal screen. It can also save snapshots and video clips on a user-installed memory card. Moreover, its built-in battery can provide power to network cameras over the Ethernet cable.

Professional 3 axis joystick with a turn knob and 10 configurable buttons makes controlling any PTZ camera a snap. It supports ACTi software NVR and all standalone NVR models.

Camera Installation Kit Controller


Lens Calculator

Easily calculate the distance to recognize face or license plate.

Mounting Accessory Selector

Simply choose the suitable mounting accessories for any target surface.

Hard Disk Selector

Efficiently choose the compatible hard disk from ACTi's selection of certified disks.