Control Center

Complete overview monitoring and managing all NVR servers and cameras from a single room with individualized workstation screens and collaborative TV Walls.

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Control Center

The control centers are used for the large scale projects where various locations or large sites are managed from a single room, equipped with workstation screens for individual monitoring and TV Walls for collaboration.

ACTi control center solutions allow managing unlimited number of cameras and NVR. The core system of the control center is ACTi CMS 2 server. Additionally, the TV Wall Servers can be used.

CMS Server (CMS 2)

The system that is larger than 256 channels usually consists of multiple NVR servers, managed by Central Management System (CMS). CMS 2 is Central Management System software that can manage thousands of NVR servers up to unlimited number of channels.

CMS Architecture



  • Intuitive setup flow that does not even require training.
  • Easy to migrate CMS to another server.
  • Easy to manage hundreds of users by linking the CMS to the Active Directory.


  • ACTi CMS 2.0 supports unlimited number of camera channels in the view selection list.
  • ACTi CMS 2.0 provides up to 225 channel live view layout with the flexible grid cell sizing.
  • Built-in dewarping capabilities help creating nice panoramic images for any types of fisheye cameras.
  • Integrated Google map with the GPS located cameras.
  • Embedded web pages inside the live view grid for conveniently accessing work related information.
  • Hardware accelerated video decoding (Intel, Nvidia and AMD).
  • Supporting smart phones and web cams as the video camera channels.
  • Various types of PTZ controls - mouse, joystick, on-screen arrows.
  • Two-way audio for voice verification.


  • Supporting the wide range of event triggers, such as video analytics, motion detection, digital input events, tampering, audio and various system status events.
  • The event responses include video channel pop-up, switching the triggered channel to the hotspot area of the grid, switch to a different view, command PTZ cameras, generate sound alerts, activate digital output devices via cameras, execute various types of pre-defined commands, send a notifiction or e-mail, push video or snapshot to the FTP server.
  • Event responses to the mobile devices include push notification, push video and Line Notify.
  • Thumbnail search for quickly finding out the section of interest.
  • Search by specific events, such as video analytics, motion detection, digital input or system status alert.
  • Create bookmarks while reviewing the video evidence and later find those points instantly by using the bookmark search.
  • Instant playback on the top of the live view as a pop-up.
  • Embedded playback inside the live view grid when using the Lite web client.
  • Multi-channel synchronized playback for efficient investigation of the incident.
  • Most flexible range of playback speeds from 1/64x to 256x.
  • Export videos to the common video format, such as .avi, .mkv, .mov, .mp4, including video cropping.
  • Create authentic video exports by exporting the original video file within a video player as an executable file. The export is completed in just a few seconds.
  • Export videos as pure original files and play them back later by using the Archive Player, also known as the Authentic Video Evidence Player.
  • Hardware accelerated exports supported.


  • Manage the Face related events from ACTi deep learning AI cameras, such as Face Recognition and Face Detection.
  • Manage the People related events from ACTi deep learning AI cameras, such as People Detection, Intrusion Detection (Forbidden Area Detection), People Line Crossing Detection, People Enter Area Detection, People Incorrect Direction Detection, People Loitering Detection, People Tracking.
  • Manage the License Plate related events from ACTi deep learning AI cameras, such as License Plate Detection, Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR).
  • Manage the Vehicle related events from ACTi deep learning AI cameras, such as Vehicle Detection, Vehicle Density Counting (Traffic Jam), Vehicle Line Crossing Detection, Vehicle Enter Area Detection, Vehicle Incorrect Direction Detection.


  • Workstation app for the Windows-based PC is the full-featured version of the NVR client.
  • For the web browser users both Full Web Client and Lite Web Client are available.
  • ACTi Mobile Client is available for both Android and iOS, capable of managing unlimited channels, single channel live view, PTZ control, Digital Output control, video search and playback, video export, push video and notification.
  • For the clients that do not intend to use the mouse and the keyboard, the HDMI-supported video decoder can be used.


  • Unlimited number of users, Active Directory, Customizable permissions for user groups, Account lockout, Automatic logout after idle, Playback password protected with dual authentication, Password validity period, Password Expiration Notification.
  • Cyber Security compliant features, including recording files encryption to prevent unauthorized access and tampering of the evidence.
  • Logging of all the user operations.


  • N+1 and N-to-N redundancy services available.
  • System health monitoring, including CPU, memory, network, disk status, S.M.A.R.T.
  • Self-protection - auto-logout under overload, auto-switch to the lighter stream, lower the display frame rate when necessary.
  • Support the centralized System Health Management platform that can monitor all the NVR and CMS at the same time.
  • Configuration backup and restore capabilities.
  • User-friendly silent installation.

TV Wall Server

Complete overview monitoring even of very large installations to shorten the response time.

In a video surveillance deployment, especially with hundreds or thousands of cameras monitoring vast areas, it is ideal for the control center to employ a TV Wall display system. ACTi TV Wall offers the control center with excellent overview monitoring and provides high video quality with finest details.

With the help of ACTi TV Wall, the system operator no longer needs to scale down video resolution or switch between layouts on one screen. ACTi TV Wall enables multiple views to be displayed on different monitors at the same time, supporting up to unlimited channels. ACTi TV Wall helps drive higher operational efficiency and does not let any critical moment go out of sight.

You can use one or multiple TV Wall servers that are connected to an unlimited number of NVR servers and cameras, all managed by CMS server.

Product Matrix View

Maximum Number of Video Devices Maximum Display Layout Bundled Licenses Mini Standalone CMS Rackmount Standalone CMS
800 225 100 CMS-100
6400 225 200 CMS-201
Maximum number of Monitors per monitor Maximum Display Layout License Required Tower Standalone TV Wall
4 225 No TVW-301

Product Specifications

Model CMS-100 CMS-201
Type Mini Standalone CMS Rackmount Standalone CMS
Maximum Number of Channels 800 6400
Free Channels 100 200
CPU Intel Core i7-6700TE Intel Core i7-7700
Maximum Display layouts 225 225
Storage Bays 1 Bay 1 Bay
System Drive SSD, 128GB SSD, 256GB
Rack Space - 1U
Model TVW-301
Type Tower Standalone TV Wall
Maximum number of Monitors 4
License required No
CPU Intel Core i7-10700K
Graphics Card GTX 1650(ZT-T16520H-10L) x 2
Maximum Display layouts 225
System Drive SSD, 256GB
Ethernet Port 2.5GbE x1, 1GbE x1



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