Video Management System

Software and standalone VMS solutions available for any number of channels

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ACTi Video Management System (VMS) products are available as essential products with all the must-have features and the full products with all the possible features. Depending on the project size and the requirements of the features, the most suitable series can be selected from the map below:

Product Matrix Flyer (All)

Product Matrix Flyer (NDAA)


  • Windows and Linux based standalone NVR options
  • Windows-based software NVR editions - Corporate and Business
  • Central Management System software for unlimited number of channels
  • Standalone CMS available
  • TV Wall system for collaboration
  • Local and remote client options
  • Workstation, Web Client and Mobile Client available
  • Redundancy and Backup services available
  • Third-party cameras also supported via ONVIF
  • AI Camera events and metadata integrated with VMS


Windows NVR

Video management system (VMS) for video surveillance and business management. Very easy to use, yet extremely powerful.

Linux NVR

Simple and reliable standalone NVR using Linux platform

Cloud NVR

Save the cost of having the NVR hardware and its maintenance by using the worry-free cloud NVR service instead.

Control Center

Complete overview monitoring and managing all NVR servers and cameras from a single room with individualized workstation screens and collaborative TV Walls.

Standalone VMS

Plug-and-play standalone servers of Windows NVR, Linux NVR, CMS, TV Wall and Workstations

VMS Client

Access your VMS server by Workstation, Web Client or Mobile Client from any location

VMS Integration

Enjoy the unified solution value of ACTi VMS and the third party devices and servers

VMS Technical Support

Easy-to-use service tools and features for monitoring and maintaining the Video Management System


Security Plus Brochure

Security Plus Solution Brochure introduces ACTi end-to-end security platform designed for highly critical systems. Learn how modern concepts, including real-time management, intelligence, integration and reliability, are combined into a complete solution.