ACTi's end-to-end stadium solutions are designed for ensuring the safety of crowds and enhancing customer experience. The solutions consist of in-house developed cameras, video analytics, servers, as well as the integration of alarm, digital signage, and POS systems.

Since hundreds and thousands audience will gather together in stadiums for concerts or games, the major security related challenges include pick pocketing, robbery, brawling, and other criminal activities, while the business management related challenges include passenger flow, staff efficiency, and sweethearting.

To ensure safety of crowds and enhance customer services, ACTi's end-to-end stadium surveillance solution consists of IP cameras, video management system, video analytics, access control, alarm system, queue management, car search assistance, free spot assistance, malfunction monitoring and much more.

All Management Types
Business Intelligence
Operation Management
Security Management

Digital Signage

Show predefined digital content on the public monitors with customized layout, based on predefined schedule or event rules.

Intercom Service

Interact with other individuals by local voice-based communication system.

Identity Fraud Investigation

Verify the suspicious use of access credentials by using the video management system.

Lost Item Search

Search for the lost items in claimed place and time using video surveillance system.

System Reliability Assurance

Be instantly notified about the network or device failures for timely response to minimize the downtime.

Access Control

High-accuracy face identification can be used for an additional layer of security to the ID card. Upon identity mismatch, the system denies access and sends a video notification.

Unauthorized Access Detection

Detect the intrusion attempts using video analytics and notify the security personnel.

Surveillance System Tampering Detection

Detect any attempts to tamper with surveillance system equipment and alert instantly.

Alarm Verification

Verify the alarms instantly using video evidence to avoid wrong and costly decisions.

On-the-Go Surveillance

Monitor the views from surveillance cameras using a mobile device while walking around the premises, in order to respond to incidents instantly.

Real-time Suspect Tracking

Track the suspect seamlessly by switching between video channels using transparent video overlay buttons in video management system.

Suspect Post Search

Find the suspect automatically from the video recordings using face recognition technology.

Safety Assurance

Ensure safety of people using video surveillance system.

Large Facility Monitoring

Monitor a large facility using a video management system with hundreds of video channels.

Access Notification to VMS

Be notified about access control events on the screen of the video management system for convenient reference purposes.

Crime Reporting with Evidence

Collect and provide evidence of the crimes to the law enforcement or insurance company.

Video Evidence Push to NVR by Mobile Phone

Use the built-in camera of the mobile phone to stream the video evidence of the incident to NVR.

Building Occupancy

Monitor the total occupancy of the building and alert when exceeding the maximum capacity.