Important Evidence Protection

Ensure the protection of important video evidence by applying redundancy systems.

An NVR server can serve as Redundancy Solution for other NVR servers. It records all surveillance videos directly from camera devices, logs and performs actions for real-time event notifications on behalf of the NVR server during system downtime. Authorized users may also access the Redundancy Storage when it is in use for live-monitoring or playback options.

ACTi Backup Solution can create a copy of video recordings from multiple NVR servers. The backup can be continuous or performed at specific times and days according to a predefined schedule. The solution offers spatial risk reduction and facilitates data recovery in the event of catastrophic failure of an NVR server, such as when damaged by an accident or natural disaster. It allows an extended evidence retention period in order to comply with legal requirements for banks, prisons, utilities and other regulated industries. The solution enables data centralization from NVRs distributed across multiple locations, as is the case of retail stores or financial institutions with multiple branch offices. It is also possible to set up video offloading from Mobile NVR server which is on board of a vehicle, for instance, every night when the vehicle returns to the depot.

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