Hotel and Casino

ACTi end-to-end solutions incorporate discreet cameras, in-house developed analytics, and integration with critical systems, such as access control and digital signage systems, to improve the guest experience and working efficiency of your hotel and casino. Efficient allocation of human resources, timely response to any incident, and entire safety can all be realized with the solutions.


Hotel Brochure

Hotel Solution Brochure introduces a variety of ACTi solutions that help hoteliers deliver the best customer service and retain clients. The solutions consist of in-house developed cameras, analytics, and integration with ACTi's digital signage, attendance management, parking lot management, access control and other systems.


Security Plus Brochure

Security Plus Solution Brochure introduces ACTi end-to-end security platform designed for highly critical systems. Learn how modern concepts, including real-time management, intelligence, integration and reliability, are combined into a complete solution.