Access Control

End-to-end Access Control solution with the server and devices

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ACTi Access Control solution consists of the web client accessible Access Control Smart Server and various types of access control devices, such as face recognition door stations, RFID readers and controllers, ALPR cameras, tailgating detection cameras, locks and more.


  • Access Control Management
    Doors, gates, locks, identification of face, card, ALPR, tailgating detection

  • Attendance Management
    Work shifts, clock-in, clock-out, late, absent

  • Visitor management
    Visitor enrollment for temporary access

  • Construction site management
    Temporary sites management

  • Food ordering management
    Conveniently manage the employee services

  • Conference room management
    Book the available meeting rooms in your company

  • Customer arrival management
    Track when the customers arrive to the appointments


Solution Architecture

System Architecture

System Flow


Attendance Management

Prevent Impersonation Member
Facial Recognition Access Control prevents card misuse, ensuring clear member records.

Prevent card proxying for attendance
Facial recognition access control to prevent unauthorized punching by employees.

Visitor Management

QR Code Visitor Management Application
Efficient QR Code Visitor Management saves time and hassle. Traditional paper-based methods are cumbersome, time-consuming, require badge exchanges, and lack easy data retention.



Access Control Server

Comprehensive central management software for managing multiple access control devices

Access Control Device

Various types of devices that fully integrate with the access control server

Access Control Integration

Two-way data flow options between ACTi Access Control and a third party systemd and devices

Access Control Solution Demo Kit

Access Control Solution Tabletop Demo Kits

Interactive Demos

Access Control Smart Server

Try the free live demo to experience our easy-to-use access control server for managing employees and visitors access through the doors and gates as well as managing employee attendance.

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