NDAA Compliant Cameras

NDAA compliance is the mainstream requirement today. ACTi newest high quality IP camera product line up to 4K resolution is fully NDAA compliant.

ACTi, a leading Taiwan-based IP camera manufacturer, offers a wide range of IP camera models that contain SoC made in either Taiwan, Japan or the United States.

Today, ACTi is providing more than 150 different camera models that contain SoC components from very respected and accepted global brands from Taiwan, Japan and the United States. As the technology research company, ACTi has also developed its own SoC, called A1, which can be found in the wide range of ACTi cameras today.

It is a good news for our customers in the United States that they have so many worry-free choices with ACTi for various projects that fully comply with NDAA H.R. 5515, also known as John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act or simply NDAA, that is specifically assuring that the cameras shipped to the United States should be of trusted origin.

If you are interested in purchasing NDAA compliant cameras from ACTi, or furthermore, to purchase the ones that contain SoC of a specific origin, such as the United States, you are more than welcome to approach our sales representatives, and they will help you with the right choices from our wide range of products.

ACTi is one of the first IP camera manufacturers providing such transparent information about their cameras, and we believe the other IP camera manufacturers will follow this good practice soon.

References: US Congress Bill (NDAA H.R. 5515, Sec. 880)

Product Matrix Flyer (NDAA)



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