Network peripherals

Certified PoE data switches and extended storage devices with technical support.

IP video network requires both core devices, for instance cameras and video management system (VMS), and other network elements that support these core devices, so called network peripherals. Nearly every network is using data switches that connect all devices in the network with each other. Moreover, video surveillance can generate a huge amount of data that exceeds the capacity of hard disks built into NVR. Extended storage devices that overcome this limitation and save the data externally are typically being used.

On top of in-house built core devices, ACTi also provides variety of network peripherals that are necessary for building a stable and scalable network. They have many advantages:

  1. Their 100% compatibility with ACTi products is certified.
  2. ACTi provides warranty services and guarantees the fastest remote troubleshooting.
  3. Customers obtain complete advisory and validation regarding choosing the best peripherals for each project.


PoE Data Switches

Power over Ethernet (PoE) data switches can power IP cameras as well as other network devices, such as, encoders or media display stations.

Extended Storage Devices

We have the right solution for every application that requires larger storage capacity.