System Health Management

Manage the health of the cameras, encoders, NVR servers, CMS servers, TV wall servers from a single interface.

Mission critical video surveillance systems have to work flawlessly, regardless of the situation with power supply, network or other factors. In addition to Backup Systems and Redundancy Systems, ACTi provides an interface that allows monitoring the health of the whole surveillance system in real time - System Health Management Server.

  • Monitors the health ACTi NVR 3 Servers, CMS Servers, TV Wall Servers and Cameras

  • Sends email notification for issues

  • Reports and graphs

  • Map based monitoring with instant alerts

  • License (LMAS50000) is required per each managed server (NVR, CMS, TV Wall)

  • The health management plug-in will be installed in each target server

  • The System Health Management server (SHM-102) will be able to monitor the servers via plug-in.

Standalone System Health Management Server: SHM-102

Features SHM-102
Manage products
for health status
Cameras via ACTi NVR 3 Y
TV Wall Server Y
Health data Basic product status Y
Details Y
Server's system status Y
Health management Display health status on web client Y
Issue ticket auto-generation & assignment Y
Scalability Maximum number of managed devices up to 200 NVR servers with related
cameras with single SHM architecture
Solution installation Solution options Use standalone only
Works outside SHM Must install plugin to all the managed
Windows-based servers, including
NVR 3, CMS 2, TV Wall.
Licensing License unit Per plugin


In this example, there are totally 13 managed items via 7 servers. The SHM license LMAS5000 is required for each of those 7 servers. The plug-in shall be installed in each of those 7 servers.