Encoders and Decoders

Video encoders and decoders to combine analog CCTV with IP surveillance.

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Integrate your analog cameras with modern network devices by using ACTi video encoders. You will get many benefits of IP video surveillance and an easy way to upscale your solution by adding more network cameras, video recorders, access control, point of sale and much more.

A video encoder converts the analog signal from an analog camera into digital stream that is transmitted over LAN, WAN and other types of IP networks.

A video decoder, on the other hand, receives digital video streams from cameras and encoders in the IP network and decodes them into video and audio that can be displayed on any screen connected by HDMI. ACTi video decoders open completely new range of possibilities for retail owners to learn how to increase revenues.

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Video Encoders

  Standard Video Encoder Rackmount Video Encoder
1 channel V21  
4 channels V24  
8 channels   V31
16 channels   V32

Video Decoders

  30 fps @ 1080p 30 fps @ 4K
16 channels ECD-1100



Video Encoders digitize analog camera feeds for IP networks


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