People Area Counting

"People Area Counting" counts the people entering and exiting a predefined area, and further provides the people within the area.

People Area Counting is capable of detecting and counting the number of people's entries and exits an area. You can set up a counting area where people will pass by, and the system will automatically count people that move in and out separately as they cross one of the borders of the area. The counting results can be analyzed by time interval.

People Area Counting can also count the people within the pre-defined counting area. This is useful when only the density of people matters, not the accumulated traffic to the area. It does not keep track on incoming or outgoing traffic.

There are two ways to install the camera for people counting application – lens facing down or 45 degrees tilted. When installed face down, the camera detects people by recognizing heads, whereas when installed tilted, the camera detects people by recognizing heads and shoulders at the same time.

ACTi has 2D and 3D counting technologies. The 3D counting can bring even higher accuracy, especially for high-traffic areas.


People Counting Solution

People Counting Solution whitepaper introduces how ACTi uses people counting technology to optimize business intelligence and operation management of various markets through real-time event handling and comprehensive reports.


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