Vehicle Analytics

Detect, track or recognize license plates of vehicles.

More Technologies

Vehicle Line Crossing Detection

"Line Crossing" captures the movement of people or objects over a predetermined virtual line.

Vehicle Enter Area Detection

"Enter Area" detects and captures video of vehicles that have entered and stayed in a marked area for longer than a certain amount of time.

Vehicle Counting

Vehicle counting and available spots counting

Vehicle Tracking

Automatically track any moving vehicle to catch its details along with panoramic overview.

Vehicle Loitering Detection

Detect the vehicles that stay in the area longer than allowed.

Vehicle Type Detection

ACTi's video analytics powered by machine learning can distinguish car types from the bus, truck, sedan, bicycle, and motorcycle, as well as detect traffic flow density via ROI setting.

Car Make Recognition

Identify the make of the car using video-based analytics.

Vehicle Color Detection

Detect the dominant color of each vehicle.

Missing Vehicle Detection

"Missing Vehicle" detects and captures video of the targeted vehicle that has suddenly disappeared from a marked area.

Parking Spot Availability Detection

Detect available parking spots and guide drivers directly.

Vehicle Queue Detection

Detect how many vehicles or how long do the vehicles stay in the queue.

Incorrect Direction Detection

Detect the incorrect driving direction of the vehicle using video-based analytics.

Vehicle Speed Detection

Estimate the speed of the vehicle using video-based analytics.

Automatic License Plate Recognition

"Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR)" detects and recognizes vehicle license plates in the predefined area, and then matches this data against the database.

Vehicle Surface Text Recognition

Detect text on the surface of the vehicle and enable real-time notification or post search for better operation and security management.

Parked Vehicle Detection

Detect the stopped or parked vehicle in pre-defined area using video-based analytics.

Parked Vehicle Counting

Count the parked vehicles in pre-defined area using video-based analytics.

Road Condition Inspection

Traffic Congestion Detection

Detect traffic congestion with the help of video-based deep learning algorithms.

Car Detection

Traffic Rule Violation Detection