Face Analytics

Detect, classify or recognize people by their faces.

More Technologies

Age Detection

Estimate the age of people from video using age detection technology.

Gender Detection

Estimate the gender of people from video using gender detection technology.

Emotion Detection

"Emotion Detection" detects and captures video of the emotion on people’s faces.

Face Counting

Count the people's faces in the view of the camera using video-based analytics.

Face Detection

Detects the presence of people in specific target areas as event triggers by detecting the face of the people standing in front of the cameras.

Face Recognition

Recognizes and identifies faces of people looking at the cameras.

Gaze Estimation

Track the movement of the eye to estimate the direction of gazing.

Blink Estimation

Detect if the person blinked their eyes during the capture of the image.

Face Post Search

Discover pre-defined faces from various recorded video sources automatically.

Face Tracking