People Analytics

Count, track or detect behavior of people.

More Technologies

People Line Crossing Detection

"Line Crossing" captures the movement of people or objects over a predetermined virtual line.

People Enter Area Detection

"Enter Area" detects and captures video of people that have entered and stayed in a marked area for longer than a certain amount of time.

People Loitering Detection

Detects loitering of people using video analytics.

People Tracking

Pair I915 with the smart hemispheric camera that guides the speed dome to the right position for auto tracking.

People Line Counting

"People Counting" provides bi-directional counting function for people entering and exiting an area, as determined by a virtual line.

People Area Counting

"People Area Counting" counts the people entering and exiting a predefined area, and further provides the people within the area.

Fight Detection

Detect fight gestures or fight engagement using special video analytics.

Slip, Trip, and Fall Detection

Detect people who have fallen down and stay there using video analytics.

People Queue Detection

With ACTi's intelligent analytics, cameras can calculate the amount of time a person or object is on queue.

Crowd Detection

Prevent or dissolve the crowd to avoid accidents in places like railway platform using crowd detection technology.

People Clothes Color Detection

Detect the matching color of the clothes the people are wearing using video-based analytics.

Fingerprint Recognition

Automatically identify or confirm the identity of an individual based on the comparison of two fingerprints.

RFID Recognition

Automatically unlocking upon the swipe of the approved RFID card

Hand Detection

Identify the hands by using video-based analytics.

People Detection

Detect the appearance of a person in the view of the camera and be able to distinguish it from other object types.

Fall Detection

Helmet Violation Detection

Detects and alerts when people do not wear helmets

Illegal Trash Dumping Detection

Clothes Color Detection

Intrusion Detection