People Queue Detection

With ACTi's intelligent analytics, cameras can calculate the amount of time a person or object is on queue.

ACTi's people queue detection analyzes video streams from cameras or network video recorders to generate descriptive data information for each imaginary grid on the video. It is capable of counting the numbers of people and the time they stay in an interest area. People queue detection can also send notifications when people stops at the queue longer than the pre-defined alarm period.

There are two ways to install the camera for queue detection – lens facing down or 45 degrees tilted. When installed face down, the camera detects people by recognizing heads, whereas when installed tilted, the camera detects people by recognizing heads and shoulders at the same time.


Queue Management Whitepaper

ACTi Queue Management Whitepaper introduces how ACTi uses video analytics to count the number of object, people or vehicle, for real-time queue alert and congestion management. It also elaborates how the counting metadata can be utilized for subsequent business enhancement.