Visual Tracking

Switch the between channels of VMS by clicking on the video overlay shortcuts, mainly used for suspect tracking in live or playback mode.

The latest update to ACTi's NVR 3 includes a new feature increasing operator's surveillance and investigation efficiency. Users can easily follow the objects of interest throughout multiple scenes by switching to other adjacent cameras' views with simple clicks on a tracking zone in a specific area.

Traditional video management systems require an operator to memorize camera locations in order to compare adjacent cameras. When an incident occurs, this process can be complicated and time-consuming especially as your camera count increases. Visual Tracking is designed to allow pre-configured regions over a camera’s video feed in order for users to click and navigate to the adjacent cameras without a prior understanding of geographic associations.

Once the configuration is complete, operators can either perform real-time tracking from the Live View tab and react to incidents in a timely fashion, or begin a post-event investigation from the Playback tab and collect the evidence.

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