Moving Object Analytics

Count, track or analyze moving patterns of objects.

More Technologies

Object Line Crossing Detection

"Line Crossing" captures the movement of people or objects over a predetermined virtual line.

Object Enter Area Detection

"Enter Area" detects and captures video of objects that have entered and stayed in a marked area for longer than a certain amount of time.

Object Loitering Detection

Detect when any object stays in the area longer than allowed.

Object Tracking

Using a combination of intelligent analytics, e-map, and GPS, locate objects throughout an installation.

Object Line Counting

Count the objects as the cross the virtual line in either direction using video-based analytics.

Heat Map

ACTi's heat map is created by detecting motion differences in imaginary grids.

Dwell Time

Dwell time analyzes how much time people spend in specific areas of interest.

Missing Object Detection

"Missing Object" detects and captures video for objects that have suddenly disappeared from a marked area.

Unattended Object Detection

Detect objects that have been taken to the certain area and are being left there.

Object Color Detection

Detect the matching color of the object using video-based analytics.

Object Area Counting

Count the amount of objects in the pre-defined area using video-based analytics.

Object Queue Detection

With ACTi's intelligent analytics, cameras can calculate the amount of time a person or object is on queue.

Object Proximity Detection

Alert when the object has come closer or moved away from the pre-defined spot.