Age Detection

Uses Face Classification technology to get demographic information of customers: Age & Gender.

Age detection algorithm is based on features of the face. It extracts information from videos and maps out a series of interest points, such as corners and edges of the eyes, lips and nostrils. By further running those points through the algorithm, the age of a person can be estimated based on how the features tend to appear at a certain age.

Interactive Demos

Visitor Traffic and Behavior

Retail In-Store Dashboard Reports for Traffic (People Count & Weather), Demographics (Age & Gender), Customer Pathway (Heat Maps), Interest Zones (Dwell Time) and Point-Of-Sales (POS) transactions.

Smart Retail Demographics

By automatic video-based age and gender detection, people in the view of the camera can be classified into several demographical groups. With the combination of digital signage, it allows right advertising content be shown to the right audience in real time.

Tabletop Demo Kits



Face Analysis Solutions

Face Analysis Solution whitepaper introduces how ACTi utilizes face relevant metadata, including age, gender, emotion and identity, to optimize business intelligence and operation management of various markets through real-time event handling and comprehensive reports.



Face Analysis Camera Selector

Choose the most applicable camera, settings and installation based on your application and location.