Время ожидания

Время задержки анализирует, сколько времени люди проводят в областях, представляющих интерес, чтобы помочь определить тенденции розничной торговли клиентов и эффективность работы сотрудников.

Dwell time can identify whether an object is loitering in a particular area by using an optical flow analysis method; this method tracks objects and records the dwelling time in each imaginary grid inside video image. If an object circulates around a specific area, its heat dynamics will increase to indicate frequent movement in grids.

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Технология Время задержки

Dwell Time Whitepaper introduces how ACTi uses optical flow analysis method to identify the loitering object or people in the form of real-time alert and easy-to-understand reports. It also elaborates how the counting metadata can be utilized for subsequent security and business enhancement.


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Business Intelligence
Operation Management
Security Management

Product Placement Planning

Improve product placement in the store to increase focused products exposure to customers using heat map technology.

Promotion Event Evaluation

Evaluate the attractiveness of promotional events to customers through heat map.

Оптимизация трафика склада

Identify traffic congestion in aisles through heat map and leverage it by displacing some of the popular products to other aisles.

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