Mapa de Calor

ACTi's heat map is created by detecting motion differences in imaginary grids.

ACTi’s heat map is created by detecting motion differences in imaginary grids. Data accumulated in each grid is normalized and mapped into different levels represented by cold and warm colors. The visualization of these differences, including density and direction, can reveal information about customer dynamics, such as traffic intensity and flow.

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Documento Mapa de Calor

Heat Map Whitepaper introduces how ACTi heat map works to increase the productivity by visualizing the density and direction of the traffic at warehouses and retail stores.


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Business Intelligence
Operation Management
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Product Placement Planning

Improve product placement in the store to increase focused products exposure to customers using heat map technology.

Promotion Event Evaluation

Evaluate the attractiveness of promotional events to customers through heat map.

Optimización del tráfico en almacenes

Identify traffic congestion in aisles through heat map and leverage it by displacing some of the popular products to other aisles.

Employee Idleness Analysis

Discover unusual employee movement in areas not related to work using heat map technology.

Shopper Tracking

Track the shoppers motion paths and visualize them via heat map as well as by percentages.