Retail Solutions

ACTi Retail Solution Packages bring out of the box solutions for handling the increasing challenges of your retail business in more automated and seamless ways.

The solutions use video analytics to help store owners understand customer behavior, shopping patterns, and profiles. In turn, store operations can be significantly optimized to build long-term brand loyalty and increase revenue.

People Counting Package provides you with detailed foot traffic report, which can be used to optimize customer shopping experience and marketing campaign efficiency. It also shows the live status of total occupancy in the store. Demographics Package collects customer demographic data, including age, gender and emotion, and uses the data for product offering, promotion planning as well as for service evaluation. With the integration of demographics and foot traffic data, business decision making and execution can be significantly improved. Additionally, the Signage package offers digital signage service with the purpose of showing user-defined promotional content based on the age and gender of the people watching the monitor.

ACTi Retail Solution Packages consisting of necessary devices, including cameras and servers, are designed for a small-scale retail store. However, with the purchase of an extra license, most of the solutions can be extended to meet your request. The solutions can be managed either remotely or locally with just an additional HDMI monitor and a mouse.


People Counting Package

K00012 - Foot traffic reports. Live total occupancy.

Demographics Package

K00014 - Video-based age, gender and emotion detection to collect demographic data.

Demographics and Counting

K00015 - Video-based age, gender and emotion detection. People counting.