People Counting Cameras

Detect people by recognizing heads or heads and shoulders at the same time for business and security applications.

ACTi provides a wide range of people counting solutions for different applications of security and business management.

There are two ways to install the camera for people counting application – lens facing down or 45 degrees tilted. When installed face down, the camera detects people by recognizing heads, whereas when installed tilted, the camera detects people by recognizing heads and shoulders at the same time. ACTi has 2D and 3D counting technologies. The 3D counting can bring even higher accuracy, especially for high-traffic areas.


  1. Line Counting
  2. Area Counting
  3. Queue Management
  4. Crowd Detection



People Counting Camera Selector

Find the right people counting camera for desired location.

Related Applications

Business Intelligence
Operation Management
Security Management

Customer Footfall

Improve customer shopping experience and marketing campaign efficiency.

Conversion Rate

Enhance selling strategy with people counting data compared with POS data.

Passenger Counting

Gain passenger traffic data in buses which do not have on-board ticket registration system.

Public Gathering Alert

Detect unexpected gatherings that may potentially lead to illegal activities using crowd detection technology.

Crowd Prevention

Prevent or dissolve the crowd to avoid accidents in places like railway platform using crowd detection technology.