Parking Lot Management Package

K00026 - Recognize vehicles, notify personnel, track vehicle count and total occupancy of the parking lot.

ACTi's Parking Lot Management System is the automatic system to recognize the vehicles, notify personnel and track the vehicle count and total occupancy of the parking lot.

With the help of 2 cameras, the video feed of both entrance and exit is delivered to the server for automatic license plate recognition. The server matches the captured license plate against the pre-defined white list or black list and notifies related personnel by e-mail. At the same time, all activities are recorded together with snapshots for later inquiries and reports. It also keeps track on the total occupancy of the parking lot. Lastly, it is possible to show the number of available parking spots on the public screen in front of the gate, using the additional equipment (not included in the basic solution package).

Key Features

  • Automatic License Plate Recognition
  • Snapshot recording of each event
  • Blacklist and whitelist management
  • Listed vehicle arrival alert on screen and notification by e-mail
  • Vehicle counting and total occupancy
  • End-of-day alert with the remaining vehicle list
  • Available spots counter display on public screen (optional)
  • Parking lot usage report
  • List of frequently visiting vehicles
  • Specific vehicle parking history query together with snapshots
  • Data export to Excel
  • Camera and server health monitoring
  • Manual correction of automatically recognized license plate data

Solution Package Items

IP Camera

(Quantity: 2)

  • 2MP with 36x zoom
  • Day/Night, Adaptive IR LED
  • Extreme Low Light Sensitivity, Extreme WDR

Standalone Parking Lot Management System

(Quantity: 1)

  • Automatic License Plate Recognition
  • Blacklist and whitelist management
  • Vehicle counting and available spots counting

Solution architecture

Ordering Information

  • Solution Package ordering number: K00026
  • License for digital signage service (Optional, for 1 monitor): LMAS2000
  • TV Cast Dongle for digital signage (Optional): TVC-100

Required, but not included in package

  • PoE Switch or PoE Injectors to provide power to the cameras
  • Ethernet cables
  • Outdoor grade TV Panel to show the count of available parking spots (only needed if TV Cast dongle TVC-100 has been purchased)
  • The HDMI monitor, keyboard, and mouse to manage Parking Lot Management System locally, or use any remote device with web browser to access the server
  • Installation works (If there is no appointed installation company, ACTi can help provide the installation service jointly with the global installation partners)