Digital Signage Package

K00013 - Show video clips, images, web pages, and video from surveillance cameras.

ACTi’s digital signage solution package with digital signage service is designed for retails and other markets showing promotional content to the viewers standing in front of the TV panel.

It is possible to show video clips, images, web pages and even live video stream from the surveillance cameras on TV panel based on pre-defined schedule and display layout.

The solution package allows the signage content to be displayed on 2 monitors and it supports the expansion up to 10 monitors with an additional license.

Key Features

  • Capable of showing videos, images, web pages or live video from the camera
  • User-defined schedules
  • Fully customizable layouts
  • Media Display Server can be accessed remotely from any browser-based device for media setup
  • 2 channel license bundled
  • Extendable up to 10 monitors

Solution Package Items

Dongle-Based Media Display Server

(Quantity: 1)

  • Built-in media display server
  • Manage rules and schedules for media display
  • Manages up to 10 monitors (1 locally, 9 via TV cast)

TV Cast Dongle

(Quantity: 1)

  • Streams the content to TV panel via HDMI
  • Stores media files locally for instant broadcast
  • Supports 1 TV panel

Solution Architecture

Ordering Information

  • Solution Package ordering number: K00013
  • Additional server license ordering part number (optional, up to 10): LMAS2000
  • Additional TV Cast Dongles (optional): TVC-100

Required, but not included in package

  • The HDMI monitors as digital signage screens
  • Any remote device with the web browser and with the access to the network to set up the media and the rules
  • Installation works (If there is no appointed installation company, ACTi can help provide the installation service jointly with the global installation partners)