Demographics Package

K00014 - Video-based age, gender and emotion detection to collect demographic data.

ACTi's retail solution package with video-based age, gender and emotion detection is the easiest way to collect demographic data in the retail store that can be used for product offering and promotion planning as well as for service evaluation.

The package consists of one video box with built-in demographics detection and the dongle-based light server that manages the metadata and provides the reports.

The video box is connected to the management dongle via USB cable with the maximum length of 5 meters. The management dongle can be accessed remotely from any other device over the IP network in order to see the reports or export them.

Key Features

  • Age Detection
  • Gender Detection
  • Emotion Detection
  • Reports and graphs
  • Reports export to Excel
  • Easy to install
  • Accessory options for video box

Solution Package Items

Age, Gender & Emotion Detection Box

(Quantity: 1)

  • Built-in camera
  • Age, Gender and Emotion detection
  • Power and data via USB

Dongle-Based Retail Application Suite

(Quantity: 1)

  • Real-time demographic data acquisition
  • Reports
  • Bundled 1 channel license

Solution architecture

Ordering Information

Solution Package ordering number: K00014

Required, but not included in package

  • Any remote device with web browser to access the server
  • USB cable (5m)
  • Installation works (If there is no appointed installation company, ACTi can help provide the installation service jointly with the global installation partners)