Access Control Package with RFID & Face Snapshot

K00019 - RFID card detection together with face snapshot as an evidence.

ACTi's Access Control Solution Package with RFID card detection together with face snapshot capturing as an evidence is designed for businesses that need to have an economic access control solution with the possibility to verify the access activities whenever there is a doubt about the proper use of the card.

This solution can help investigate the situations, such as employees lending their access cards to each other for the purpose of accessing a forbidden zone or registering the attendance while not being there.

ACTi also offers other more advanced solution packages where the verification of the face can be done automatically using face recognition technology.

Key Features

  • Automatic access control solution for small business with 1-10 doors
  • Access verification by RFID card
  • Snapshot of the face upon each access attempt
  • Quick search of the snapshots to manually verify the doubtful access activities
  • Convenient user list and rules management from any remote location
  • The solution package includes standalone access control server, door station, lock and push button
  • Transaction history and report by location, time and user
  • Automatic recycling of old snapshots by user-defined parameter

Solution Package Items

Door Station

(Quantity: 1)

  • Camera for access event snapshots
  • Card Reader
  • Controller

Door Lock

(Quantity: 1)

  • Magnetic lock
  • Door contact

Exit Button

(Quantity: 1)

  • Used on the opposite side of the door

Dongle-Based Access Control Server

(Quantity: 1)

  • User Database
  • Access Rule Service
  • Snapshot recording per access event

Solution architecture

Ordering Information

  • Solution Package ordering number: K00019
  • Additional server license ordering part number (optional, up to 10): LEXD1000
  • Additional devices (optional, up to 10 of each type):
    • Door Station: Q950
    • Door lock contact: PLOC-0001
    • Exit button: PPSH-0001

Required, but not included in package

  • The HDMI monitor, keyboard, and mouse if managed locally, or use any remote device with web browser to access the server
  • Cables
  • RFID cards
  • Installation works (If there is no appointed installation company, ACTi can help provide the installation service jointly with the global installation partners)