Access Control Package with RFID Card

K00018 - RFID card-based access control for up to 4 doors.

ACTi's Access Control Solution Package with RFID card detection is designed for businesses with up to 4 doors that can be unlocked automatically by RFID cards.

The package includes access control reader, controller, a server with access rules and user database, the synchronization server and the management server. It also includes one lock, door contact, and the exit button. With additional purchases, it is possible to expand the solution to up to 4 doors.

The management server of the solution allows convenient batch import of hundreds of employees into the access control database. It can also provide reports and exports of access activities.

Key Features

  • Access control solution for 1 door (expandable up to 4 doors)
  • Automatically unlocking upon the swipe of the approved RFID card
  • Maximum 1 000 000 users
  • Supported RFID options: Dual Band with EM Standard (125KHz) and ISO14443 (13.56MHz)
  • Batch data import via Management Server
  • Global search, analysis, and report
  • Data export to Excel
  • Possible to integrate with Human Resource systems

Solution Package Items

Controller Reader

(Quantity: 1)

  • RFID card reader (125KHz, 13.56MHz)
  • Controller
  • Built-in access rule server and user database (1 000 000 users)

Door Lock

(Quantity: 1)

  • Magnetic lock
  • Door contact

Exit Button

(Quantity: 1)

  • Used on the opposite side of the door

Dongle-Based Access Control Server

(Quantity: 1)

  • Rules and user database synchronization service
  • Management interface (supports bulk inputs)

Solution architecture

Ordering Information

  • Solution Package ordering number (includes solution for 1 door): K00018
  • Additional server license ordering part number (optional, up to 4): LEXD1000
  • Additional devices (optional, up to 4 of each type):

Required, but not included in package

  • The HDMI monitor, keyboard, and mouse if managed locally, or use any remote device with web browser to access the server
  • Cables
  • RFID cards
  • Installation works (If there is no appointed installation company, ACTi can help provide the installation service jointly with the global installation partners)