4K Cameras

Various types of 8MP and 12MP cameras containing 4K resolution

4K resolution refers to a horizontal display resolution of approximately 4000 pixels. More precisely, it means the resolution of 3840 × 2160 pixels. Usually, both 12 Megapixel and 8 Megapixel cameras contain the option of 4K resolution.

ACTi has a wide range of 4K cameras to choose from, including Mini Bullets (Z37), Zoom Bullets (A421), Mini Domes (Z710), Zoom Domes (A817), Hemispheric Domes (B511A, B76A, B78) and Speed Domes (A950, A951).

Below, a few example videos of 4K cameras are shown:

The comparison video of Z37 (4K/8MP) and Z34 (4MP). It shows so clearly the advantage of the 4K resolution. The clear details of the video are very important for the incident investigation.

The 4K hemispheric cameras (B511A, B76A, B78) are very popular because the 180-degree panoramic view contains enough pixels to provide clear video evidence for the whole view.