Localizador de automóviles

Locate the car in the parking lot and indicate it on the map.

People often forget where they parked their cars, especially in large parking areas. ACTi's solution can read the license plate and identify the location of the parked car, helping the driver to easily find the car through a kiosk workstation or mobile app.

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Parking Space Availability Detection Solution

Aplicaciones Similares

Administración de parqueaderos.

Manage the access, availability, billing and revenue of a parking lot.

Parking Guidance

Assist the drivers to find the vacant parking spot.

Illegal Parking Detection

Detect the vehicles that have parked by the roadside or in the areas where the parking is prohibited.

Parking Lot Access Control for Permitted Vehicles

Manage the non-payment parking lot access to ensure that only approved vehicles could park there by using the ALPR based gate control.

Cartelería Digital

Show predefined digital content on the public monitors with customized layout, based on predefined schedule or event rules.

Intercom Service

Interact with other individuals by local voice-based communication system.

Parking Spot Availability

Indicate the availability of a parking spot either visually by LEDs or on the screen of a software.

Detección de obstrucción

Alert when an object, such as shopping cart, is blocking the path for vehicles or people.

Lost Item Search

Search for the lost items in claimed place and time using video surveillance system.

System Reliability Assurance

Be instantly notified about the network or device failures for timely response to minimize the downtime.

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Vehicle Tracking

Seguimiento automático de cualquier vehículo en movimiento para captar detalles junto con vista panorámica.

Reconocimiento de placas

El “Reconocimiento Automático de Placas Vehiculares (ALPR)” detecta y reconoce placas vehicules en un área predefinida para luego confirmar esta información con la base de datos.

Parked Vehicle Detection

Detect the stopped or parked vehicle in pre-defined area using video-based analytics.