Customer Demographics

Understand the distribution of customers and measure the performance of marketing campaigns for different market segments.

With age and gender detection, people in the view of the camera can be classified into several demographic groups for marketing purposes. It enables store owners to enhance the marketing promotions for specific market segments, and automatically track how effective your marketing promotions are at pulling the market segments.

Customer Demographics at the Entrance

Detect people entering the store to understand what kind of people visit the store.

Customer Demographics at Special Products Display

Detect people looking at selected products or demo times to understand the effect of product display to specific demographic group.

Interactive Demos

Visitor Traffic and Behavior

Retail In-Store Dashboard Reports for Traffic (People Count & Weather), Demographics (Age & Gender), Customer Pathway (Heat Maps), Interest Zones (Dwell Time) and Point-Of-Sales (POS) transactions.

Smart Retail Demographics

By automatic video-based age and gender detection, people in the view of the camera can be classified into several demographical groups. With the combination of digital signage, it allows right advertising content be shown to the right audience in real time.

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Similar Applications

Product Profiling

Detect age and gender of the customers at the check-out to profile the product segments by demographical acceptance.

Service Score Card

Use various technologies to automatically evaluate the service quality of employees and provide a score card.

Customer Footfall

Improve customer shopping experience and marketing campaign efficiency.

Conversion Rate

Enhance selling strategy with people counting data compared with POS data.

Product Placement Planning

Improve product placement in the store to increase focused products exposure to customers using heat map technology.

Promotion Event Evaluation

Evaluate the attractiveness of promotional events to customers through heat map.

Warehouse Traffic Optimization

Identify traffic congestion in aisles through heat map and leverage it by displacing some of the popular products to other aisles.

Employee Idleness Analysis

Discover unusual employee movement in areas not related to work using heat map technology.

Check-out Service Optimization

Discover idle employees in check-out areas while there are no transactions and instruct them to handle other tasks instead.

Shopper Tracking

Track the shoppers motion paths and visualize them via heat map as well as by percentages.

Product Attractiveness

Discover which products draw more attention based on the time the customers spend in front of them.

Future Customer Footfall Prediction

Get the prediction of future customer footfall with the help of past data analysis and using machine learning.

Weather Impact to Business

Learn the correlation between weather and customer traffic, weather and sales performance.

Returning Customer Frequency

Find out the frequency of visits of loyal customers with or without knowing their identity.

Human Resource Allocation

Learn the traffic performance of customers and adjust employee schedules accordingly.

Attendance Management

ACTi's Attendance Management Solution Package is a convenient solution for keeping track of the arrival and leaving of the employees.

Customer Profiling

Identify the customer by face recognition and link it with purchases for profiling purposes.

Digital Signage Attractiveness Analysis

Evaluate the attractiveness of digital signage by analyzing the audience faces watching it.

Related Markets

Related Technologies

Age Detection

Uses Face Classification technology to get demographic information of customers: Age & Gender.

Gender Detection

Uses Face Classification technology to get demographic information of customers: Age & Gender.

Emotion Detection

"Emotion Detection" detects and captures video of the emotion on people’s faces.