TV Wall

Complete overview monitoring even of very large installations to shorten the response time.

In a video surveillance deployment, especially with hundreds or thousands of cameras monitoring vast areas, it is ideal for the control center to employ a TV Wall display system. ACTi TV Wall offers the control center with excellent overview monitoring and provides high video quality with finest details.

With the help of ACTi TV Wall, the system operator no longer needs to scale down video resolution or switch between layouts on one screen. ACTi TV Wall enables multiple views to be displayed on different monitors at the same time, supporting up to unlimited channels. ACTi TV Wall helps drive higher operational efficiency and does not let any critical moment go out of sight.

You can use one or multiple TV Wall servers that are connected to an unlimited number of NVR servers and cameras, all managed by CMS server.


Security Plus Brochure

Security Plus Solution Brochure introduces ACTi end-to-end security platform designed for highly critical systems. Learn how modern concepts, including real-time management, intelligence, integration and reliability, are combined into a complete solution.