Mobile Client

Universal mobile application designed to remotely access NVR, CMS or camera for video playback and management.

Universal mobile application designed to remotely access NVR, CMS or camera for video playback and management.

Main Features

Live view and playback

You can now use your smartphone or tablet not only to view unlimited number of cameras in real time, but also to review recordings in the Playback mode.

Search video recordings by events

In the Playback mode, you can search video recordings by various events, for example motion or digital input.

PTZ Control

Controlling your PTZ cameras has never been easier. You can simply pinch to zoom or swipe to control the pan and tilt of your cameras. Digital zoom is available for cameras without remote zoom control.

Google Maps

Built in Google Maps can automatically detect GPS location from cameras as well as NVR and CMS servers and display these on an interactive map. Smooth pan and zoom on the map greatly enhance the user experience and will help you manage large locations with ease.

Activate Digital Output

You can use ACTi Mobile Client to remotely activate network devices, such as alarms, locks or electric gates.

Playback from camera's memory card

ACTi Mobile Client can also directly play videos that are stored on camera's memory card even when the NVR server is temporary inaccessible or not installed at all.

Video Push

Capture live video with mobile device’s cameraand immediately push it to NVR for evidence recording through wireless networks.

Notification Push

Receive instant pop-up notifications from NVR 3, even when the phone is resting.

3rd Party System Integration

Play the video corresponding to specific POS or access control incidents.

  ACTi Mobile Client for Android ACTi Mobile Client for iOS
Current version 1.0.14 1.0.26
Live View
Take snapshot
PTZ Control
Digital Zoom
Start Manual Recording
Activate Digital Output
Search video recordings by events
Video Push (to NVR 3 Corporate)
Receive Notifications
Google Maps Available soon
Bookmarks Available soon
Playback from Camera's Internal Memory Card Available soon
Access Control Integration Available soon
POS Integration Available soon
Network I/O Available soon

ACTi Products Compatibility

CMS2 Series v2.0.11 or later
NVR3 Series v3.0.13 or later
ENR G2 Series v4.04 or later
ENR G3 Series v5.01 or later