Автономный NVR

Plug-and-Play recorder that requires minimum configuration and allows the fastest deployment.

Plug-and-Play recorder that requires minimum configuration and allows the fastest deployment.

It can work in tandem with ACTi Video Analytics to provide insight and enhance business management. Some of the extremely useful analytics include People Counting, Enter Area, Dwell Time, Heat Map, License Plate Recognition, and many more.

Apart from displaying content locally on a connected monitor, a standalone NVR can be accessed and controlled remotely from a variety of remote devices - computers, tablets and smartphones.

A standalone NVR can be connected with other Standalone NVR and Software NVR units by using ACTi CMS - Central Management System.

ACTi offers various types of standalone NVRs to fit the needs of customers and their projects.



VMS Selector

Easily select your desired standalone VMS by viewing and comparing the specifications.

NVR Matrix

Provide the complete overview of ACTi NVR product line divided into segments with different value to customers.

Оценка работы автономного регистратора

See how Standalone NVR performs with given number of cameras.

Фильтр интеграции Камер третьего стороных

Check the list of third-party cameras supported by ACTi's NVR products.

Standalone NVR Throughput Validator

Интерактивные демонстрации

Регистратор в облаке

Попробуйте бесплатную демо-версию, которая позволяет перемещаться по сложным объектам в интерактивных картах, эффективно найти доказательства с помощью Smart Search, имитации контроля доступа и интеграции с POS-терминалом, или открыть для себя преимущества встроенных веб-сайтов.


Security Plus Brochure

Security Plus Solution Brochure introduces ACTi end-to-end security platform designed for highly critical systems. Learn how modern concepts, including real-time management, intelligence, integration and reliability, are combined into a complete solution.