33-100 Channel Windows-Series (ST3-5)

Windows-based NVR products with the scale of 33-100 channels.

NVR 3 is one of the most famous ACTi products – it is a professional and elegant network video recorder platform with wide range of features and extremely reliable performance!

Both standalone and software versions available.

Software editions of NVR 3 Standalone NVR options based on NVR 3
(BNR/GNR/INR series)


Core Features

The most affordable high-quality VMS in the industry!

  • Very competitive price per channel for the add-on licenses.
  • No perpetual fees.

Has all the features you need!

  • Get over 95% of all the features that the top ISV brands have, in many cases, even for free.
  • ACTi continuously adds more features to ensure it has all you need!

Easy to Migrate to ACTi NVR!

  • Keep all the existing cameras while migrating to ACTi NVR
  • ACTi support & service team helps with seamless and worry-free migration
  • Enjoy immediate cost saving

Free Upgrades!

  • ACTi offers quarterly software upgrades, for free!
  • Get more features every quarter.

Ultimate Reliability Guaranteed!

  • Various Redundancy Service options available (N+1, N-to-N)
  • Backup Service options available (make auto-backups of critical recordings)

Integrate ACTi NVR with Your System

  • ACTi provides easy-to-use Integration API/SDK for solution integration
  • Enjoy live video, playback and events within your own main system

Product Offering

Product Matrix View

Maximum Recording Channels Bundled Licenses Tower Standalone NVR
IP Device 4 Bays 5 Bays 6 Bays
100 32 BNR-300 GNR-340 GNR-350

Product Specifications

Model BNR-300 GNR-340 GNR-350
Type Standalone NVR Standalone NVR Standalone NVR
Max Channels 100 100 100
Free Channels 32 32 32
Storage Bays 4 Bays 5 Bays 6 Bays
Redundancy Support Yes Yes Yes
CMS Support - Yes Yes
NVR Version NVR 3 Business NVR 3 Corporate NVR 3 Corporate



VMS Selector

Easily select your desired standalone VMS by viewing and comparing the specifications.

NVR Matrix

Provide the complete overview of ACTi NVR product line divided into segments with different value to customers.