Zoom Value Cameras (ST1-2)

The best price to migrate from analog to IP with vari-focal or zoom lens.

2-8MP short range (<=5x) zoom lens domes and bullets with good video quality and price range that allows to compete even against analog.

Recommended Features

  • Most popular form factors - domes, turrets, bullets
  • Simple installation - remote viewing angle adjustment with auto focus
  • Useful for the locations where the specific viewing angle is not confirmed
  • Excellent video quality up to 8MP
  • Very competitive pricing
  • Great for budget sensitive projects and markets
  • NDAA Compliant


Core Features

  • Resolution - 2MP, 4MP, 8MP​
  • Zoom​ - 4.3x Optical Zoom​
  • Audio​ - Most models have built-in microphone​
  • Corridor Mode​ - The image can be rotated by 90 degrees for corridor applications.​
  • ONVIF​ - Easy integration with the wide range of VMS brands
  • NDAA​ - All the cameras are NDAA compliant

Product Offering

Product Matrix View

Product Type Zoom Bullet Zoom Dome
Application Environment Outdoor Outdoor
Lens Zoom Zoom
Zoom Ratio 4.3x 4.3x 4.4x
Day & Night Complicated Light + Super Low Light 2MP Z48 Z85 Z81
4MP Z49 Z86
8MP Z47 Z810

Product Specifications

Model Z48 Z49 Z47
Type Zoom Bullet Zoom Bullet Zoom Bullet
Resolution 2MP 4MP 8MP
fps 30@2MP 25@4MP
Lens f2.8-12mm f2.8-12mm f2.8-12mm
Zoom Ratio 4.3x
4.3x 4.3x
Corridor Mode Yes Yes Yes
Audio Mic Mic Line-in
Analytics Yes Yes Yes
NDAA Yes Yes Yes

Model Z85 Z81 Z86 Z87 Z82 Z810
Type Zoom Dome Zoom Dome Zoom Dome Zoom Dome Zoom Dome Zoom Dome
Resolution 2MP 2MP 4MP 4MP 4MP 8MP
fps 30@2MP 30@2MP 25@4MP
Lens f2.8-12mm f2.7-12mm f2.8-12mm f2.8-12mm f2.7-12mm f2.8-12mm
Zoom Ratio 4.3x 4.4x 4.3x 4.3x 4.4x 4.3x
Corridor Mode Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Audio Mic Mic Mic Mic Mic Mic
Analytics Yes Yes Yes Yes
NDAA Yes Yes Yes Yes

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