Software NVR

Video management system for video surveillance and business management. Very easy to use, yet extremely powerful.

In order to address the requirements of users' projects with the highest precision, ACTi is offering its leading video management system NVR 3 in three editions.

NVR 3 Enterprise

Advanced solution for large-scale applications

Supports up to 100 channels and offers more advanced features such as e-Map, Active Directory, Smart Search in playback based on motion, unlimited number of users, or restoring video from local storage. It is a free NVR edition up to 16 channels.

NVR 3 Corporate

Intelligent solution for business management

The most powerful edition of NVR 3 that integrates many state-of-the-art features such as POS management, IP door control, network DIO, and many more.

Migration Between Editions

Upgrade to a newer version within the same edition (e.g., from NVR 3 Enterprise 3.0.09 to NVR 3 Enterprise 3.0.10) is always free of charge.

Users with already installed NVR 3 version 3.0.09 or lower are eligible for a free upgrade to NVR 3 Enterprise.

If the user wants to switch between editions (e.g., from NVR 3 Enterprise to NVR 3 Corporate), it can be done quickly and easily while keeping all recordings and configuration.

NVR 3 Main Features

The video tutorial covers the following features:

  • Log in to NVR
  • Live View
  • Playback
  • Export This video introduces the features that are available in NVR 3 Enterprise and Corporate editions.
NVR 3 Enterprise NVR 3 Corporate
Maximum channels 100 100
Free licenses 16 1
Maximum users Unlimited Unlimited
Live view
Single stream recording
Synchronized playback
Event management (incl. IVS Server events)
Event by camera's audio
Restore video from local storage
Password protected Playback
Account lockout
PTZ auto tracking
Absolute PTZ (click target)
Smart Search by motion
Auto resume PTZ tour
PTZ speeds per channel
Active Directory
IVS camera event
Visual Tracking
Google map
Embedded websites in Live View
Push notification
Video Push from mobile to NVR
Video Push from camera to NVR
Thumbnail based search
Dual stream recording
POS integration
Access control integration
Network DIO



Third-party Camera Integration Validator

Check the list of third-party cameras supported by ACTi's NVR products.

Interactive Demos

Cloud NVR

Try the free live demo that lets you navigate through complex installations in Interactive Maps, efficiently find evidence by using Smart Search, simulate the Access Control and POS integration, or discover the benefits of Embedded Websites.