PTZ 攝影機

具有高變焦、卓越級寬動態和低照度感測的室內 / 室外PTZ攝影機及全功能360°無限平移攝影機


ACTi 提供室外迷你PTZ 系列產品因應有需要裝設的地點這些產品都有表面貼焊或是嵌入式安裝以及超寬視角

36x Zoom for Close-Up Views

Clear and detailed view regardless of complexity of traffic.

Speed Dome at the Stadium


Clear Focus at Night


Difference between PTZ & Speed Dome

一段影像就能解釋PTZ和Speed Dome的差別 主要就在於PTZ在固定範圍內的平移或是自動翻轉,然而Speed Dome可以無止盡的平移

Market Leading PTZ Technology from ACTi

內部開發的ISP讓ACTi PTZ和Speed Domes攝影機擁有兩大優點:

Auto Focus at Night

大部分的PTZ攝影機在超低照度下很難可以自動對焦, ACTi ISP能夠在最低照度下控制自動對焦

Instant Preset

Go-to-preset is an important feature of any PTZ camera. While most PTZ cameras would need around 5-8 seconds to automatically move to desired preset point and focus it, ACTi PTZ cameras and Speed Domes can do it usually in 1-2 seconds. It is possible thanks to the advanced ISP that is able to handle all the 4 motors (Pan, Tilt, Zoom and Focus) at the same time with the quickest possible path and speed. Sometimes it is a matter of a few seconds to be able to capture the intruder's face.


Learning-based Auto Focus PTZ

Instant auto focus at any direction using machine learning. Continuous training, no supervision required.