Caméras PTZ

Caméras Panoramique-Inclinaison-Zoom (PTZ) pour les applications en intérieur et extérieur. Caméras Speed Dômes avec une rotation en continu. Haut ratio de zoom. WDR Extrême et Basse Luminosité.

PTZ cameras and Speed Domes can turn the lens to any direction and zoom in and out either automatically or by the remote manual control. All these cameras come with built-in true auto focus and event management system. Speed Dome is a special type of PTZ camera that can do 360° endless panning.

For locations requiring more compact PTZ solution, ACTi has developed Outdoor Mini PTZ product line. These models can be surface or flush mounted and come with wider viewing angles.

36x Zoom for Close-Up Views

Clear and detailed view regardless of complexity of traffic.

Speed Dome at the Stadium

I96 caméra Speed Dôme installée dans un stade en France. Une caméra couvrant une large zone. Points de prépositions instantanés avec des vues détaillées.

Clear Focus at Night

Several PTZ and Speed Dome models are designed with extremely good low light and WDR capabilities. This video shows I96 performance at low light - fast preset points, wide area coverage, clear details, clear focus.

Difference between PTZ & Speed Dome

A simple video clip to explain the difference between PTZ and Speed Dome. The main difference is the panning feature - the PTZ has either a fixed range of panning or auto-flip while Speed Domes can pan endlessly.

Market Leading PTZ Technology from ACTi

Avec l'ISP développé en interne, les caméras PTZ et Speed Dômes ACTi ont deux grands avantages:

Auto Focus at Night

While most PTZ cameras in the industry are having difficulty to auto focus at very low light, ACTi ISP is able to control the auto focus even with minimum illumination.

Instant Preset

Go-to-preset is an important feature of any PTZ camera. While most PTZ cameras would need around 5-8 seconds to automatically move to desired preset point and focus it, ACTi PTZ cameras and Speed Domes can do it usually in 1-2 seconds. It is possible thanks to the advanced ISP that is able to handle all the 4 motors (Pan, Tilt, Zoom and Focus) at the same time with the quickest possible path and speed. Sometimes it is a matter of a few seconds to be able to capture the intruder's face.


Learning-based Auto Focus PTZ

Instant auto focus at any direction using machine learning. Continuous training, no supervision required.