Conteo de Objetos

El algoritmo de conteo de objetos actualiza el inventario en tiempo real a medida que los paquetes, pallets y contenedores se mueven entre el almacén, los muelles de carga y los camiones, trenes o barcos.

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Solución de conteo de personas

People Counting Solution whitepaper introduces how ACTi uses people counting technology to optimize business intelligence and operation management of various markets through real-time event handling and comprehensive reports.


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Conteo de Personas

Improve customer shopping experience and marketing campaign efficiency.

Radio de Conversión

Enhance selling strategy with people counting data compared with POS data.

Future Customer Footfall Prediction

Get the prediction of future customer footfall with the help of past data analysis and using machine learning.

Weather Impact to Business

Learn the correlation between weather and customer traffic, weather and sales performance.

Human Resource Allocation

Learn the traffic performance of customers and adjust employee schedules accordingly.

Passenger Counting

Gain passenger traffic data in buses which do not have on-board ticket registration system.

Administración de incidentes

Manage all customer, visitor, employee and equipment related incidents with automated detection and handling.

Tailgating Detection

Detect tailgating at the entrance of restricted area by comparing the detected head count with number of presented access credentials.